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Year 3 representatives: Harshini and Alex



Year 4 representatives: Anna and Aahil

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SuperTmatik matches are currently taking place in the Junior Department.











Don’t miss the next Asia vs Europe clash on Monday 20th June 2016.

Class Champion Year 6 played a smashing game to beat Year 5 in a thrilling final.

Anirvan was classed man of the match after hitting continuous sixes to take the score to 175, the highest class score in the history of the game at BISB

2016 Asia V Europe Match report

Monday 6th June: 1st Test

Today’s game started half an hour early at 15:00 given a scary forecast of thunderstorms. Conditions, although hot and sultry, were good: the sun was shining and the pitch was dry.

Europe won the coin toss and put Asia into bat.

First ball of the match and Adhi sent the new ball sailing off over the wall into the next door flats’ car park. The brand new tennis ball had come straight out of a can and the children had been gently warned that the ball would rocket off the bat. Adhi had scored 6 but was out – a great start for Europe though to take such a quick (and valuable) wicket.
Then came Ishika who rode her luck at the beginning and also lost several batting partners. But she was careful and calm and looked comfortable. She went on to make a big score and, where at one point Asia looked in trouble, she managed to bring stability. Enter Nithessh who also had a few scares as he started (including being dropped when Ole took a great catch but momentum meant his hand holding the ball planted on the ground and the catch was ruled out). But Nithessh got over these scares to bat brilliantly and lead his team to a majestic 263, himself unbeaten playing some fantastic shots which excited the spectators.

On paper both the teams (player for player) were well and evenly balanced and the match was there for the taking for either team. But Europe sometimes appears to have a psychological barrier up against Asia. Both teams lacked experience but both teams had Year 6’s, both had match winners and both had good sportsmen. Nithessh and Emma were excellent captains and both motivated and encouraged their teams brilliantly.

As Europe began their innings, they also lost early wickets but Artem played some good shots and a brief period of stability came with the Carp sisters’ partnership. Little Year 3 Sandra played some great shots and really impressed. But Emma was out hitting a six over the wall and the partnership ended.

The weather didn’t unleash its power during the match and the same could be said of Europe. Europe had Darius and Amin who both bat explosively and spectacularly and it was eagerly awaited to see what they could produce.

Both were out without scoring. And it’s true that on both teams (but more so Europe), wickets were given away cheaply. As one parent remarked, cricket is a brutal game: in football you have 90minutes to rectify a mistake; in cricket, once you are out, your game is over.

What really made the difference between the two teams were Nithessh and Ishika who were class acts.

Asia’s total was large and Europe needed a big partnership and more lives to reach it.


Asia 263 for 9

Europe  100 all out              

Asia won by 163 runs

Now in the 7th year, the running score of Asia-Europe match victories is currently:  Asia 10 – Europe 3.

We have a 2 week wait to see what will happen in the remaining match.

Many thanks to Sabine from the office who helped with the interval refreshments and to all of you who came to watch. It was good cricket and I’m sure you relaxed in the sunshine.

Mr Stedman

Special Splash Award

Emma was awarded Splash ‘Young Captain of the Year’

emma03 emma01 emma02




Reception pupils looking at the fish Installing an aquarium in the Junior Department was a project organised by the School Council. We have some new fish in our tank, bought from the proceeds of the Rippledown movie sales. Year 5 is responsible for feeding the fish this month.


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Breaking News – we have gone digital! Our Junior Librarians are Catriona and Angel.

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Our Inter-House Quiz Master is Bhargav