Y3/4 football Green Caps – 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses

BISB v St.John’s I       3-1
BISB v BEPS              0-4
BISB v BSB I              0-0
BISB v BSB II             1-2
BISB v St.John’s II      1-1 (2-4 on penalties)

Y5/6 football Green Caps – 5 losses

BISB v BSB I                      1-5
BISB v ISF Waterloo          1-4
BISB v St.George LUX.      0-4
BISB v BSB III                    0-7
Last place play-off BISB v Bogaerts.       0-4

The netball team played 4 games and won their final game against St.George LUX.

A terrific effort by all the players!