Good evening…

We have had another fantastic day – great weather and terrific activities organised by the Year 4 children.  The Talent Show was wonderful: card tricks, magic, singing, dancing, games and drama.  The children have gone to bed early tonight,  as we have to be up and ready to depart for Dover Castle by 09.00.  I shall not be posting on the blog until late tomorrow evening.

Good morning – day three…

A much quieter night last night!  The children played outside and then went straight to their dorms. The snoring from the Year 4 boys’ dorm could be heard in the corridor and Mr Stedman had to wake some of them up in the morning!  The two Year 6 boys camped out in the Year 5 dorm, which looked like a film set from Casino Royale. The girls settled down quickly; one girl fell asleep fully dressed and the others dived into their beds and snuggled up with an assortment of cuddly toys.

We enjoyed a gentle start to the morning.  The dorms have been inspected and in 24-hours the Year 4 boys have made amazing progress!  The children are now outside participating in the Year 4 Celebrity Sports Day.

. Tonight, is the eagerly awaited Talent Show…

I am sure that the children would appreciate you commenting on our blog, thank you.


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