Ripply 2017 – Day 3 Orienteering

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Ripply 2017 – Day 3  Orienteering

Good morning from Rippledown House

As you can see from the ‘Day 2’ photographs, it was a very busy day at Chatham Dockyard.  After breakfast, we returned to the ship for a history lesson about  Arctic convoys, which included reading and acting out a poem written on HMS Bideford, August 1941. After this, we learnt about the history of shipbuilding during our tour of ‘Command of the Oceans’:

It was then a quick march to the submarine, Ocelot.  Making our way up and down narrow stairways and through hatches, we explored the vessel. On one of the photographs, you can see a picture of our group in front of a mini-submarine that was made for a James Bond film.

We dashed back to the mess for a picnic lunch. At 13.00, we made our way to  ‘No. 1 Smithery’  for some ‘hands-on’ ship building, which included testing our designs in a wind and wave tank. This was followed by making and firing rockets; a thrilling ending to an action-packed day.

At 16.00 we boarded the coach for Rippledown. After having settled in, it was time for our evening meal and then straight outside to play.

The morning joggers went out at 06.30 this morning… some children are still in their bunks fast asleep; I had better go and wake them up or they will be late for breakfast!

The sun is shining!

Best wishes,



Breakfast and Dorm Inspections!

We are very fortunate to have two Girl Guide Leaders, who are completing their Duke of Edinburgh’ Awards, staying at Rippledown House this week;  this evening, they have organised for a harp workshop for the children.







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