BISB Speed BLOKUS Championships

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BISB Speed BLOKUS Championships

BISB Speed BLOKUS Championship

  • Y5 and Y6 – 16 children down to 2 in the final
  • Play half the board
  • 5 minutes
  • Take turns to fill the board with your geometric pieces. Try and block your opponent at the same time!
  • If one player is blocked, their opponent may continue to lay pieces
  • The player with the least number of squares ON their pieces left after 5 minutes wins the tie

The 2018 Final – Mayank v Shivang

2018 BISB Speed-BLOKUS CHAMPION – Mayank Gudimetla!!!

We had a close and very high quality final between Mayank and Shivang in which Mayank came out on top by 2-1. Many congratulations to Mayank!



The 2017 Final – Darius v Luca


Luca – 2017 BISB Speed Blokus Champion


The 2016 Final – Anirvan V Nithessh

DSC07701   DSC07702  


Nithessh – 2016 BISB Speed Blokus Champion



The 2nd semi final 2016 – Anirvan V Adhi

DSC07698  DSC07681  DSC07671  DSC07672   DSC07689  DSC07692   

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