Extra Curricular Activities

The school offers a range of extra curricular activities, varying from term to term and availability depending on numbers of children interested.

Activities are held immediately after school, usually until 16.30.

Activities currently offered include Cookery, Drama(LAMDA exams included), Art & Crafts, Book Making, Dance and Sports for both infants and juniors. If there are no more places available in a particular club, a waiting list system operates for the following term.

It is necessary that children attend clubs on a regular basis and that they are picked up from school promptly at 16.30.


Inspection Finding

A valuable range of extra-curricular activities enriches the learning of those pupils who take advantage of them.

ISI Inspection Report


Karate lessons and piano lessons are available to children.

Our Music teacher also offers private recorder and singing lessons(with the possibility of taking the ABRSM singing exams)

These lessons are privately run, payment and times of lessons being arranged by the tutors concerned.