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Stephen Prescott

Stephen has worked in International Education for many years having taught in schools in the UK, Kuwait, Egypt and the Czech Republic before arriving in Belgium in 1997. He was the founding Headteacher of the British International School of Brussels in 2000, and he has also been a parent of the school as both of his children joined the school at the same time. During the next two decades he oversaw the steady development of the school and its expansion onto its second site, and continued as Headteacher until 2019.


He believes that children should learn to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings, which includes exploring the fascination of all academic subjects. They should enjoy an educational experience that helps them to be positive contributors to the ever changing world in which we all live. He has been a Board Member of BISB since retiring and is currently the Board Chair. He has been happily married to Helen, who is also a BISB Board Member, since 1988.

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