FFJM – Belgium Mathematical and Logic Puzzle Championships

FFJM – Belgium Mathematical and Logic Puzzle Championships

2017 FFJM BELGIUM NATIONALS – Shivang puts in a sensational performance – 2nd in Belgium!

Shivang was the only BISB pupil to reach the National Final in Mouscron in 2017. He not only did amazingly well but he actually came…… 2nd!

He smashed the school’s personal best and made us all and himself incredibly proud.

Shivang Mehra – second best problem-solver in Belgium in the 9 year-old category

2016 FFJM  BELGIUM NATIONALS  – They did it!

The National Finals were held in Mouscron, 14th May, 2016 and all three made the top 25 and BISB history. Well done Aalaap, Kiran and Alakananda – Quite simply, Belgium’s best!!!

20160514_181226 (1) alaka-1 (1) alaka-1 (17) alaka-1 (18)

FFJM – Semi Finals

P1010172   IMG_1185   IMG_1187     P1010171

2016 – 10 BISB pupils entered and 3 successfully passed this test and qualified for the Belgium National Finals

2014 – BISB enters the FFJM maths and logic puzzle champiohships for the first time

P1010165   IMG_1186   P1010175   P1010167


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