School productions


We have two main times for school productions during the year. At the end of the Autumn term just before Christmas and the second one is in the summer.

As a school BISB has always been very pleased that every child in the school has taken part in one or the other musical presentations for parents.

Our Nursery children usually perform some small musical items together and the other infant children try their hand at a show that is slighly more daring.


Inspection Finding

“Pupils achieve well outside of the classroom in a number of areas. They are regularly successful in UK national speech and drama examinations”.

ISI Inspection Report



In December the older children of the school present a seasonal pantomime, which is a traditional mixture of songs, jokes and humourous characters mixed into a highly unlikely storyline.



In June they also quite often provide a musical story and the children always work hard to give an exciting performance which is great fun for all concerned as we end off our year together. Click here for our latest production