School trips

Our children enjoy a wide range of educational trips and visits ranging from a trip to the local fruit shop for our Nursery children to a residential week away for our Year 4,5 and 6 children.

Inspection Finding

“The curriculum is enhanced by a considerable number of visits to places of interest, such as local museums, galleries, theatres and parks, together with visiting speakers who broaden pupils’ horizons.”

ISI Inspection Report

Visits that our children have enjoyed recently include:

  • The Open Air Ice skating rink
  • The Cocoa & Chocolate Museum
  • The Roman Museum
  • The Water and Fountain Museum
  • Rock Climbing for Years 4, 5 and 6 (as part of Health Week)
  • The Natural Science Museum
  • Brussels Toy Museum
  • The Mill and Food Museum
  • The Royal Puppet Museum
  • Overnight stay in the Atomium
  • Visit to the Herge Museum in Leuven
  • Participation in Vive LÓpera at UGC in Brussels
  • Royal Military History Museum
  • A Farm visit
  • Brussels Air Museum
  • Brussels Sewer Museum
  • The Brussels Aquarium
  • The Museum of Art and History
  • Technopolis Science Activity Centre
  • Local shops for French and Geography topics
  • Nursery visit to Local Park
  • Visit to Brussels Shakespeare Theatre Group
  • Visit to the Korean Cultural Centre
  • Visit to Bruges Ice Magic