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Amira Halvorsen

French Teacher

Amira holds Bachelor (Honours) Degrees in Communication and International Relations and a Master of Arts Degree in Comparative Studies and Linguistics from the University of Houston (UH). After graduating, she taught French, Italian and Spanish language, culture, history and literature for ten years in the Department of Linguistics at Rice and the University of Houston. After the birth of their two sons, Amira decided to volunteer to teach languages in an active and fun way in her neighbourhood schools A passionate teacher, social actor and a multilingual, Amira considers herself at home in our ‘small’ world. She speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Arabic fluently and is proficient in Dutch. She lives with her husband and two sons near the woods, where she enjoys walking and nourishing her soul. She loves tango, classical and ethno jazz, and she enjoys cooking healthy and tasty Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

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